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carrying your Epipen just got easier


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Specialty Epipen and AUVI-Q cases for adults and kids with allergies

"Thanks so much!  Wonderful quality and works so well both to hold the AUVI-Q and cards....Thanks for making a product that makes life easier!" Mary

"Loving my new CarryNine wallet that holds my Allerject/AUVI-Q!  Carrying epinephrine has never been so stylish!" ~Kyle Dine

"I cannot emphasize how much this wallet has changed my life....I no longer have to worry about leaving my AUVI-Q at home and wait to eat until I get home. ...", ~Cody

"I bought the wallet for my teenage son to take on a school trip. He loved the wallet and I love that he has a convenient way to carry an auto-injector. He usually depends on me to carry his Epipen for him on vacations. It gives me peace of mind to know that he has the AUVI-Q in his pocket at all times now, especially when he's not with me." ~Donika

"Firstly, the application (Epipen skin) was so simple. It was perfectly user-friendly, which is important.  I am in love with your designs, but especially the one requested....  Your product makes me want to show off my stylish lifesaver with pride!" ~Tiffani

Epipen and AUVI-Q Cases