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Got the Itchy Scratchies?

October is Eczema Month

My son has the triple whammy of peanut allergy, cough-variant asthma, and eczema. Keeping his eczema under control is an ongoing effort.  He battles dry skin throughout the year.  Seemingly small things set off eczema - sand, sweat, dirt, and stress.  Now that he's older we're engaging him to take control over his own hygiene and skin maintenance. 

Eczema SongJennifer Roberge, the founder of Its An Itchy Little World blog and The Eczema Company, co-created The Eczema Song with singer/songwriter, Kyle Dine, in an effort to bring some fun relief to the daily stress of eczema.  The video is available on YouTube  and the song on CD Baby. Eczema Awareness Month (October in the USA & November in Canada) is shedding a spotlight on the more than 10-20% of kids in North America who suffer from eczema. It’s a heavy burden for little ones to bear; the stares from other kids or parents, the relentless itch and the struggle with mittens, wraps, and creams. The Eczema Song is dedicated to all the strong, amazing children who have eczema but won’t be defined by it.

As all of Kyle's songs, The Eczema Song is catchy and great for kids.  The music video is seriously cute - I especially like the Eczema Fighting Cream guy in the picture and the "bleep".  Take a look and share it with those in your life who could use it!


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