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A Valentine's Day Treat from Kaleo

AUVI-Q Launch February 14, 2017


AUVI-Q Set to Relaunch Valentine's Day 2017

I'm thrilled to hear the AUVI-Q is returning!  If you got used to the smaller shape and size before I bet you are counting the days like I am.  AUVI-Q becomes available at the pharmacy on none other than Valentines Day 2017.  That can't be by accident.  AUVI-Q was a labor of love and necessity for the AUVI-Q brothers, Eric and Evan Edwards. The AUVI-Q inventors and now owners of Kaleo Pharma took back the rights to the AUVI-Q in 2015 after a massive AUVI-Q recall by Sanofi. Since then Kaleo has been working to get the AUVI-Q back on the market.

Kaleo is rebuilding confidence in AUVI-Q by showing customers their intensive quality control process using short videos on their website. 

I'm wishing Kaleo much luck in the "new" AUVI-Q.  Happy Valentine's Day.



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