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When it's Time to Start Again, CarryNine Reopens


Food allergies in adults

AUVI-Q Relaunches. CarryNine Reopens

With much excitement, CarryNine reopens the website. I can't wait to get things started again! I was thrilled to hear about the relaunch of the AUVI-Q in 2017.  Since many of my products were for the AUVI-Q I closed down my website until AUVI-Q was on the market again.  Now I'm pleased to be serving the food allergy community again.  Hopefully, Kaleo will bring the AUVI-Q to Canada soon!

Get Adults Carrying Epinephrine

I'm on a mission to get more teens and adults carrying their epinephrine. When my son was first diagnosed with a peanut allergy, people started telling me their own food allergy stories.  The thing that struck me most was that the adults in those stories didn't carry their epinephrine.  I want to change that.

I created a line of Epipen and AUVI-Q cases and wallets that are discreet and easy to remember so teens with anaphylaxis stay safe and blend in.  Epipen and AUVI-Q wallets make it easy for adults with anaphylaxis and food allergies to carry their Epipen or AUVI-Q. It's discreet too which makes it a great choice for teens. The Single AUVI-Q Wallet was a popular choice for teenage boys.

   CarryNine Epipen Case and Wallet


I also offer a line of skins for Epipen and AUVI-Q cases. Now you can feel great about your medicine by giving it the personal touch. These skins are perfect for the reluctant carrier.

AUVI-Q Case decal in meow  Epipen case covered in monsters

While I created CarryNine to help teens and adults carry epinephrine, many of our products are great for children too. Our AUVI-Q Holster is made of durable leather with a robust clip that is built to last on any active child's jeans. When I closed in November 2015 I received the first batch of AUVI-Q Holsters. I'm happy to be (FINALLY) introducing this new product in 3 gorgeous colors to choose from.

AUVI-Q case you clip on your belt

As always, my customers are my product research.  If you have any questions or ideas please reach out - anytime.   

Email me at  or call us at 905-357-8422.




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