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Everything you need to know about the AUVI-Q auto-injector

I'm super excited that the AUVI-Q is back on the market and I bet you are too. I got used to my little guy dropping his auto-injector into his coat pocket and heading out the door.  I'm especially pleased because I built my business on designing and selling AUVI-Q accessories. CarryNine exists because I was inspired by the size and shape of AUVI-Q.  So whether you are new to allergies or just looking to find out more about what the AUVI-Q is all about, I'll walk you through the details about the new epipen type device. Let's explore the AUVI-Q device The AUVI-Q auto-injector is a medical device which automatically injects epinephrine.  Epinephrine is used during anaphylaxis for people with...

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New to allergies? 7 Things you need to know about anaphylaxis

Whether you've just discovered you have an allergy to bee stings or maybe your best friend's toddler is allergic to eggs, you're probably anxious and looking for answers. I'm not going to lie - anaphylaxis is serious and scary. But it can be managed by being prepared and avoiding allergens. I'll explain what it means to have anaphylaxis and how to live with it. 1  Let's start with defining anaphylaxis (or anaphylactic shock) an·a·phy·lax·is, (noun). pronounced anna-fill-axis   Anaphylaxis is defined as a serious allergic reaction that has a rapid onset and may cause death. The symptoms typically come on over minutes to hours. Most people don't realize they have an allergy until they experience anaphylaxis. You wouldn't be alone...

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4 Tips Every Teen with Food Allergies Needs to Know

Food Allergy Fatalities This Fall This fall has been a tragic one for those in the food allergy community. The news of the freshman Andrea Mariano's passing during her first week of her studies at the University of Queens in Kingston Ontario and 16-year-old Simon Kaz's death in Colorado were fresh in our minds when 17-year-old Morgan Crutchfield succumbed to anaphylaxis in North Carolina. I cannot imagine the loss the parents and those around them feel. As a food allergy parent these stories send chills down my back and fear in my heart. Similarities between the situations are striking: the deaths are attributed to anaphylaxis; they are teenagers (ie. Between 11 to 18 years old); they had peanut allergies; both...

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The Best Anaphylaxis Research Nobody is Doing

For When Your Epipen Freezes When my son was younger his Epipen was left in the car overnight at sub zero temperatures.  I immediately replaced the Epipen.  Unfortunately for me I repeated the mistake a second time the same winter.  I had to go and explain it to the doctor and get another prescription.  Lucky for me my insurance covered the cost.  Some aren't so lucky. I wanted to write a post about using Epipens that have been kept outside of recommended storage conditions.  I researched the internet and hit a brick wall. I found a few doctors that say if the liquid is still clear and it hasn't been frozen, it's probably okay. There were plenty of people asking this same question, but no...

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One Thing Every Smartypants with Allergies Knows

You Know Your Epipen In my recent post Should I Use an Expired Epipen? I discussed a Canadian Study done in 2000 on Outdated Epipen and Epipen Jr autoinjectors: Past their prime? As part of this study 28 expired Epipens were collected from patients from an Allergy Clinic. Patients or their caregivers were asked a series of questions about their outdated Epipens. Here are their responses: 100% of patients or caregivers had knowledge of information regarding expiration dates and optimal storage conditions for their Epipens 74% check the expired Epipens regularly for discoloration Over 79% of patients or caregivers provided reliable storage information for their Epipen. One of the Epipens had been stored at extreme temperatures because it had been in the glove...

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