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Everything you need to know about the AUVI-Q auto-injector

I'm super excited that the AUVI-Q is back on the market and I bet you are too. I got used to my little guy dropping his auto-injector into his coat pocket and heading out the door.  I'm especially pleased because I built my business on designing and selling AUVI-Q accessories. CarryNine exists because I was inspired by the size and shape of AUVI-Q.  So whether you are new to allergies or just looking to find out more about what the AUVI-Q is all about, I'll walk you through the details about the new epipen type device. Let's explore the AUVI-Q device The AUVI-Q auto-injector is a medical device which automatically injects epinephrine.  Epinephrine is used during anaphylaxis for people with...

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New AUVI-Q Holster: One Accessory that Can Save Your Life

        Auvi-Q Case Clips onto Your Belt Like a Cell Phone We're proud to announce the addition of another member of the CarryNine family - The AUVI-Q Holster! This leather AUVI-Q case was inspired by the Blackberry holster. Just like all CarryNine designs, the AUVI-Q Holster combines things you carry everyday with your medicine. The case holds 1 AUVI-Q and a credit card or two.  The AUVI-Q Holster slips through your belt or clips directly onto your pants or bag. The steel spring clip is super robust and has some serious staying power. Once it's clipped onto your pants, it's not coming off until you take it off...even lasts through washroom breaks (tested - it's true)!  ...

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A Valentine's Day Treat from Kaleo

  AUVI-Q Set to Relaunch Valentine's Day 2017 I'm thrilled to hear the AUVI-Q is returning!  If you got used to the smaller shape and size before I bet you are counting the days like I am.  AUVI-Q becomes available at the pharmacy on none other than Valentines Day 2017.  That can't be by accident.  AUVI-Q was a labor of love and necessity for the AUVI-Q brothers, Eric and Evan Edwards. The AUVI-Q inventors and now owners of Kaleo Pharma took back the rights to the AUVI-Q in 2015 after a massive AUVI-Q recall by Sanofi. Since then Kaleo has been working to get the AUVI-Q back on the market. Kaleo is rebuilding confidence in AUVI-Q by showing customers their intensive quality control...

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When it's Time to Start Again, CarryNine Reopens

  AUVI-Q Relaunches. CarryNine Reopens With much excitement, CarryNine reopens the website. I can't wait to get things started again! I was thrilled to hear about the relaunch of the AUVI-Q in 2017.  Since many of my products were for the AUVI-Q I closed down my website until AUVI-Q was on the market again.  Now I'm pleased to be serving the food allergy community again.  Hopefully, Kaleo will bring the AUVI-Q to Canada soon! Get Adults Carrying Epinephrine I'm on a mission to get more teens and adults carrying their epinephrine. When my son was first diagnosed with a peanut allergy, people started telling me their own food allergy stories.  The thing that struck me most was that the adults in...

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Goodbye Sale from CarryNine

AUVI-Q Recall and CarryNine Closes its Doors The Allerject and Auvi-Q recall last week was a shock to us all.  CarryNine was inspired and built around the compact design of the Allerject. I've put my heart and soul into the business for the last couple of years.  It is with a heavy heart that I say CarryNine will be closing its doors at the end of November.  CarryNine will be having going out of business sales on the Epipen wallets and skins until the end of November.  I've enjoyed contributing to the anaphylaxis and food allergy community.  If Allerject is reintroduced, we may be back.  Until then, stay safe! Stephanie Oatway.     

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