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How to make an allergy parent jump for joy!

  My son turned the big 1-0 this year. He's becoming an excellent human – some thanks to his parents – I like to think. We've been actively educating him on how to speak up about his food allergies for several years and we're seeing some fruits of our labor. Don't assume it's allergen free. Our primary school sells frozen yogurt twice a month as a fundraiser. We're new to the school so I called the school to ensure it was peanut free. Because it was served in school by the school I assumed it would be an easy question to answer...truthfully, I was only going through the motions and setting a diligent example for my son. The response I...

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This is why peanuts are not nuts

  ARE PEANUTS A NUT OR A LEGUME? Peanuts are part of the legume family and are not a nut. The simple definition of a legume is a dried fruit contained within a shed or pod that is typically cultivated for food. The most well-known legumes are peas, beans, and peanuts. Peanuts share similar proteins to those of other legumes. This is why some people who are allergic to peanuts are also allergic to chickpeas and other legumes. However, this is not common. WHY AREN'T PEANUTS A NUT? Tree nuts are defined as nuts that grow on shrubs or trees. The specific nuts included on the tree nut list is defined in the FDA's list of tree nuts.   It's all up...

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A Valentine's Day Treat from Kaleo

  AUVI-Q Set to Relaunch Valentine's Day 2017 I'm thrilled to hear the AUVI-Q is returning!  If you got used to the smaller shape and size before I bet you are counting the days like I am.  AUVI-Q becomes available at the pharmacy on none other than Valentines Day 2017.  That can't be by accident.  AUVI-Q was a labor of love and necessity for the AUVI-Q brothers, Eric and Evan Edwards. The AUVI-Q inventors and now owners of Kaleo Pharma took back the rights to the AUVI-Q in 2015 after a massive AUVI-Q recall by Sanofi. Since then Kaleo has been working to get the AUVI-Q back on the market. Kaleo is rebuilding confidence in AUVI-Q by showing customers their intensive quality control...

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4 Tips Every Teen with Food Allergies Needs to Know

Food Allergy Fatalities This Fall This fall has been a tragic one for those in the food allergy community. The news of the freshman Andrea Mariano's passing during her first week of her studies at the University of Queens in Kingston Ontario and 16-year-old Simon Kaz's death in Colorado were fresh in our minds when 17-year-old Morgan Crutchfield succumbed to anaphylaxis in North Carolina. I cannot imagine the loss the parents and those around them feel. As a food allergy parent these stories send chills down my back and fear in my heart. Similarities between the situations are striking: the deaths are attributed to anaphylaxis; they are teenagers (ie. Between 11 to 18 years old); they had peanut allergies; both...

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The Best Anaphylaxis Research Nobody is Doing

For When Your Epipen Freezes When my son was younger his Epipen was left in the car overnight at sub zero temperatures.  I immediately replaced the Epipen.  Unfortunately for me I repeated the mistake a second time the same winter.  I had to go and explain it to the doctor and get another prescription.  Lucky for me my insurance covered the cost.  Some aren't so lucky. I wanted to write a post about using Epipens that have been kept outside of recommended storage conditions.  I researched the internet and hit a brick wall. I found a few doctors that say if the liquid is still clear and it hasn't been frozen, it's probably okay. There were plenty of people asking this same question, but no...

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