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Watch This Epipen Training Video, When it Pays to Be Prepared

Epipen Training Video "How to Stay Alive"

 An extraordinary young woman named Susan Tatelli made a great video about how to give an Epipen.  I love the title "How to Stay Alive".  Susan is 12 years old - yep 12.  She took part in an oral immunotherapy clinical trial for peanuts.  During the trial, she had 6 anaphylactic reactions over 18 months.  She self-administered epinephrine for 5 of those reactions and she had her mom record her using her Epipen during her last anaphylactic reaction.  Her goal is to tell people about the importance of early administration of epinephrine.

Detailed Epipen Instructions

Her video shows her calmly talking through the steps leading up to and administering the Epipen.  I especially like the part when she takes a couple calming breaths before administering the Epipen - I hope we all could be so zen.  She also interviews several doctors about when to administer epinephrine.  She even asks the doctors to critique her own techniques for administering of the Epipen. 

Give Epipen Early.  Do NOT Delay Epinephrine

Susan's message about early administration comes through loud and clear in this video.  Hearing the doctors talk about when to give an Epipen and that it does no harm to administer the epinephrine makes me feel (even more) secure in making that call early.  It's important to get this message out to everyone.

I applaud Susan and her family for sharing this very intimate experience.  Thanks, Susan!  I see great things in your future.


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