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The Best Anaphylaxis Research Nobody is Doing

For When Your Epipen Freezes When my son was younger his Epipen was left in the car overnight at sub zero temperatures.  I immediately replaced the Epipen.  Unfortunately for me I repeated the mistake a second time the same winter.  I had to go and explain it to the doctor and get another prescription.  Lucky for me my insurance covered the cost.  Some aren't so lucky. I wanted to write a post about using Epipens that have been kept outside of recommended storage conditions.  I researched the internet and hit a brick wall. I found a few doctors that say if the liquid is still clear and it hasn't been frozen, it's probably okay. There were plenty of people asking this same question, but no...

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One Thing Every Smartypants with Allergies Knows

You Know Your Epipen In my recent post Should I Use an Expired Epipen? I discussed a Canadian Study done in 2000 on Outdated Epipen and Epipen Jr autoinjectors: Past their prime? As part of this study 28 expired Epipens were collected from patients from an Allergy Clinic. Patients or their caregivers were asked a series of questions about their outdated Epipens. Here are their responses: 100% of patients or caregivers had knowledge of information regarding expiration dates and optimal storage conditions for their Epipens 74% check the expired Epipens regularly for discoloration Over 79% of patients or caregivers provided reliable storage information for their Epipen. One of the Epipens had been stored at extreme temperatures because it had been in the glove...

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Why You Need to Stop Throwing Out Expired Epipens

What to Do With All Those Expired Epipens We keep expired Allerjects (or AUVI-Q's for you Americans) around our house for months.  I keep an eye on the solution color to see if it has gone cloudy or brownish.  If the solution looks good, I keep the Allerject as a back-up for when I'm carrying two or to give to Nick while he's playing outside.  Once the solution is discolored, I sometimes use it for practice on fruit or for my product photography - [Shameless Plug] for my awesome Epipen and fantastic AUVI-Q Cases. In researching this topic I found there are plenty of questions and very little research on this topic.  I found a Canadian Study published in 2000 looked at...

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Got the Itchy Scratchies?

October is Eczema Month My son has the triple whammy of peanut allergy, cough-variant asthma, and eczema. Keeping his eczema under control is an ongoing effort.  He battles dry skin throughout the year.  Seemingly small things set off eczema - sand, sweat, dirt, and stress.  Now that he's older we're engaging him to take control over his own hygiene and skin maintenance.  Jennifer Roberge, the founder of Its An Itchy Little World blog and The Eczema Company, co-created The Eczema Song with singer/songwriter, Kyle Dine, in an effort to bring some fun relief to the daily stress of eczema.  The video is available on YouTube  and the song on CD Baby. Eczema Awareness Month (October in the USA & November in Canada) is shedding...

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Watch This Epipen Training Video, When it Pays to Be Prepared

Epipen Training Video "How to Stay Alive"  An extraordinary young woman named Susan Tatelli made a great video about how to give an Epipen.  I love the title "How to Stay Alive".  Susan is 12 years old - yep 12.  She took part in an oral immunotherapy clinical trial for peanuts.  During the trial, she had 6 anaphylactic reactions over 18 months.  She self-administered epinephrine for 5 of those reactions and she had her mom record her using her Epipen during her last anaphylactic reaction.  Her goal is to tell people about the importance of early administration of epinephrine. Detailed Epipen Instructions Her video shows her calmly talking through the steps leading up to and administering the Epipen.  I especially like the part when...

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