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Forget Orange, Think Teal this Halloween

Teal Pumpkin Project for Food Allergies Halloween is a time for ghosts and goblins to run door to door, a time to listen to dark tales told in dim light, and a time for the little ones to collect up a ton of sugar and run circles around you for days to come. It's also a time for you to put a teal pumpkin out on your doorstep to show the neighbourhood you have non-food treats available at your house. All kids love going door-to-door collecting treats! But, kids with severe allergies can be disappointed at the end of the night when they are left with only a few treats that are safe for them. In 2014 the non-profit FARE (Food...

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AUVI-Q Cases on Sale: Halloween Treats for You

AUVI-Q Case Wallets on Sale $5 OFF the one brown Rectangle Allergy Wallet that's left in stock.  The Rectangle Allergy Wallet carries 1 Auvi-Q or Allerject, 3 credit cards, and folded bills.  It's a great Auvi-Q case for adults. Seriously, no trick - only 1 left.    $10 OFF the Square Allergy Wallet.  The Square Allergy Wallet carries 2 Allerject or Auvi-Q, 5 credit cards, and bills. It's a perfect Auvi-Q case for men. Skins for AUVI-Q Cases On Sale Dress up your Allerject or Auvi-Q case this Halloween!  Allerject and Auvi-Q case skins are only $10 for the month of October. That's a $5 savings for you!     As always, we offer Free shipping in Canada.

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How Kyle Dine Rocks With Food Allergies

Thriving with Food Allergies Introducing Kyle Dine, CarryNine's brand ambassador! Kyle is a fantastic example of not only surviving, but thriving with food allergies. He constantly gives back to the allergy community with his fantastic music.  I heard him described as the Raffi of Food Allergies.  He inspires the young to not only listen, but sing about food allergies.  Not only that, Kyle also works with Anaphylaxis Canada and their youth outreach.  Kyle is a cornerstone of the Food Allergy community and I am pleased to be working with him to inspire youth and adults to carry their Epipens, AUVI-Qs, or Allerjects on them wherever they go.  Expect to see Kyle sporting his CarryNine Auvi-Q case on his Food Allergies Rock tour!...

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What Makes a Killer Combination? Kyle Dine and CarryNine

Epipen and AUVI-Q Cases with "Food Allergies Rock" Logo CarryNine and Kyle Dine have combined forces to bring you Limited Edition Allergy Wallets.  The "Food Allergies Rock!" logo is stamped onto the Rectangle, Square, and Long Allergy Wallets.  The Epipen cases  carry Epipens, AUVI-Qs or Allerjects, cash and credit cards - perfect for teens and adults with anaphylaxis and food allergies. Kyle will be taking these wallets with him on the road for his Spring 2015 Food Allergies Rock Tour!   Kyle Dines Tour Dates.

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