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epipen carrying case for adults

get adults and teens carrying epinephrine  

When my son was first diagnosed with a peanut allergy, people started telling me their own food allergy stories.  The thing that struck me most was that the adults in those stories didn't carry their epinephrine.  I want to change that.

It's scientifically proven that teens (and adults) hate to be singled out.  Teenagers are especially at risk of a fatal allergic reaction because they delay using epinephrine – usually because it is not with them.  CarryNine Epipen and AUVI-Q cases and wallets are designed to be discreet so teens with anaphylaxis stay safe and blend in.  It's about living safely with anaphylaxis.  

While CarryNine was created to help teens and adults carry epinephrine, many of our products are great for children too. The Allergy Holster is made of durable leather with a robust clip that is built to last on an active child's jeans.

~ Stephanie Oatway, Allergy Mom, Designer, Owner